My website is aimed at sharing content that helps to shed light on life from a Biblical perspective. It is also place where I can share my understanding of various texts and topics in the Bible to provide others with a better understanding. 

A website is really one of the best ways to make content readily available for anyone in the world to access.

Emma from Emmagraphy is very knowledgeable. She aims for excellence and she is very patient. We had many conversations to work out my website features and details and even though I find some things difficult to determine and define, she continued to work patiently with me until I was satisfied with everything.

Emma is very organised and utilises templates to ensure all the important aspects of a website are covered. It also makes the process much more efficient. 

What’s the best thing about having your own website? It is satisfying to see your hard work on display on a quality website. It makes it more appealing visitors and also adds credibility to my work.

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