Why knowing your Audience is important in your Business

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Written by Emma

September 22, 2022

People often talk about paradigm shifts, having a mindset shift or going to the next level. Most of the time I thought it was loony until I actually did have a shift in my mindset. What do I mean by that? I went from thinking one thing to literally overnight realising that I was wrong and to fully understanding something I never saw or understood before. I did have a mindset change about it and shifted to a new level. It’s weird and hard to explain but you will know it has happened when you feel like it’s a radical breakthrough (even though it’s not and people have been talking about it for donkey’s years). You will want everyone else around you to understand it. It’s like you were blind and now you see.

So what does this have to do with the topic, Why knowing your Audience is important in your Business?



Because if you haven’t already guessed it, that’s what my paradigm shift or mindset shift was about. So a little back story. Before my Website Design & Photography days, I was an avid Crocheter, like totally addicted – a house full of yarn situation (still love it, still have a house full of yarn but that’s for another day). It’s the creator in me, can’t help it! Anyway, so I was making cute little crochet items that I was selling on Etsy or rather “trying to sell”. I can make anything and everything crochet and my shop kind of tells that story. This is not a good thing, do you want to know why? Because I never knew who I was actually SELLING to. I never knew or understood my audience so I tried to sell everything. I love crocheting so much that I just wanted to make my creations and have people buy them, if only. I did try to understand the audience thing but I never really got it, despite watching and reading lot’s of things on it.

It wasn’t until I started building a website for my friend that the paradigm shift happened and everything that I should have understood about my crochet business fell into place. Several factors are involved here,

  • Firstly, I was still doing something that I love. However, I was also doing something that my friend didn’t love (I was solving her problem)
  •  I was 100% focused on creating a website for my friend and for her alone, I wasn’t trying to create it for everyone else
  • I started investing in functions and features for her website, and I studied and learnt everything I could so I could create my friend the best possible website for her business. She became my Why!


    So getting back to the question, Why knowing your Audience is important for your business?


    None of this stuff is new, we have all heard it before but if you can understand why it’s so important. Everything about your business becomes just a little bit easier.


    • When you love what you do but you 100% understand and know who you are serving, what problem you are solving and your why
    • You become more Focused
    • You Niche Down
    • You make a better product or you offer a better Service because it’s actually meeting the needs of your Audience
    • Rather than trying to learn little snippets of everything (guilty), you learn only the relevant information that supports your Audience
    • And to me – this is one of the most important factors, You don’t make any decisions about your Business without first considering your Audience and how it will benefit them. It actually makes decisions easier

     When you have a paradigm shift and fully become an Audience focused Business then you can expect things to change, to become simplified and more focused.  Your business will grow to be something that truly does “Stand Out in a Crowd.”





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