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At Emmagraphy, I can kickstart your journey with essential SEO, provide valuable copywriting suggestions, and offer tips for enhancing your social media content. However, to propel your business to greater heights, I have compiled a set of recommendations, valuable resources, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to guide you further

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Amber Business Support

Get the complete Book-keeping package that’s right for YOUR small business.

Discover how Amber Business Support can  help you understand your finances; save you time; and grow your business.

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Whether you need temporary signage or a full commercial rebrand; an A-frame, banner, removable wallpaper or vehicle signage (and everything in-between) – let us guide you and help turn your vision into your reality.

Ip by Margaret

IP by Margaret

Australian Lawyer (Solicitor) and Trade Marks Attorney

Ip by Margaret

Zen Mondays

For attorney-drafted business and website templates

Keep Up Copywriting

Keep Up Copywriting

Melbourne, SEO Copywriter, Small Business Writing for the Digital World – Get found online and convince your clients to choose you, with smart SEO copywriting that wows them and perfectly              reflects you.

Quick business tips

°Realities of Business, Keeping it Real

Quick business tips by Emmagraphy

°Know your Audience

Quick business tips by Emmagraphy

°Know your Why

Quick business tips by Emmagraphy

°Sell your Solution

Quick business tips by Emmagraphy

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New Domains

Elegant Themes
Divi Life
Ip by Margaret

Zen Mondays

For attorney-drafted business and website templates

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Embrace the Shift: Businesses Increasingly Leverage Online Services

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are increasingly capitalising on the potential of offering online services. Your website is more than just a virtual presence; it’s your valuable piece of web real estate, serving multiple crucial functions:

  1. Your Online Hub: Consider it as the digital storefront showcasing your services or products.
  2. SEO Stronghold: It lays a strong foundation for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), improving your online visibility.
  3. Functionality Galore: Beyond aesthetics, your website boasts a wealth of functionalities to support your business endeavours, including:
    • Appointment Booking: Seamlessly allow clients to schedule appointments.
    • Email Subscriptions: Implement opt-ins to gather a loyal base of email subscribers.
    • E-commerce: Set up an online shop to expand your sales horizon.
    • Online Courses: Offer digital learning experiences.
    • Social Media Integration: Connect with your audience across various platforms.

In essence, your website is a powerful tool that goes far beyond a pretty face, enabling your business to thrive in the digital realm.


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A: The I Want It All Package offers a complete online presence solution, featuring a 10-page website, email marketing setup, membership capabilities, custom forms, client booking system, and tailored e-commerce functionality. It’s your all-in-one solution for maximizing your online potential.


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A one page website is your entry point to the online world. It serves as your initial presence on the web, allowing you to promote your business and claim your spot in the vast digital landscape. With a one page website, your clients and customers can discover you on the Web, gain insights into your offerings, and easily reach out to you. It’s also an excellent platform to commence a blog, laying the foundation for expanding your content. This makes it an ideal choice for those venturing into the business world for the first time. As your business flourishes, your website can evolve to accommodate your
growing needs.




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A website redesign refers to the process of making significant changes and improvements to an existing website. It involves updating the design, layout, content, and functionality to enhance the website’s appearance, performance, and user experience. Redesigning a website is typically done to modernise its look, improve navigation, incorporate new features, optimise for search engines, and align with current business goals and industry standards. It’s a strategic effort to ensure that the website remains relevant, user-friendly, and effective in achieving its intended objectives.


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You have a brand new website or you have a website but no one is visiting it, now what? Unfortunately it’s not a matter of just the ‘Building it and they will Come’ situation, I wish.  You as the owner of your Business including your website have to be willing to put in the hard yards and use a number of different strategies.  Here are a few to help you:

  • You have to Sell & Market yourself (no getting around that) but always with your Audience in mind
  • Creating Content that is mindful of your Audience and uses the words they are using
  • Have a Social Media Strategy – use the Platforms your Audience is using
  • Use your Brand Colours everywhere so you recognised
  • Word of Mouth
  • Own it, when people ask you what you do, tell them
  • Go Old School, put your business/brochures around
  • If you have the budget, consider Facebook and Google Ads
  • Always direct your posts and content back to your website

But also remember that your Website is more than just a pretty face.  It can be a great tool for your business and can come with tons of functionality.


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The Business Package ignites small business success with a dynamic WordPress website (up to 10 pages), a robust blog, and custom graphics. It’s designed for exceptional user experiences and includes setting up your Google My Business profile for strong local presence.




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Yes, I can add components to your already existing website, be it an extra page, shop or online course set up.  Please contact me for a free quote.


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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the key to ensuring your website is easily discoverable on popular search engines like Google. But what does this really entail? Let’s break it down.

Imagine the last time you needed information or a product. Chances are, you hopped on Google and entered your query. Then, you likely clicked on one of the top results, right? That’s precisely why you need to optimise your website for search engines – to be that top result.

Searcher Experience Optimisation (SXO) is about prioritising your audience. It means creating a website that’s not just user-friendly but also provides the information they’re seeking. It’s about catering to the real people who visit your site.

At Emmagraphy, we employ a powerful tool called Rank Math to kickstart your website’s basic SEO and Google optimisation. We’re here to offer guidance and essential SEO tips. However, for more in-depth assistance, it’s advisable to consult with an SEO expert.

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