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Transitioning Your Small Business from Hobby to Business – 

Balancing Passion with Profit

What inspired your small business journey?

Some of us find our passion early and choose to study it as a career. Sometimes we stumble into it. But for most of us, it starts with a genuine interest in the topic, a desire to learn more.

The hobby stage: A joyful beginning

The hobby stage is where it all begins. It’s our playground, where creativity knows no bounds, and mistakes are learning experiences. We spend countless hours here, finding immense joy in our craft.

The Pivotal Point

Eventually, we reach a pivotal moment. We consider turning our beloved hobby into a side hustle or small business venture. We dream of making money doing what we love.

The reality of business

However, transitioning from hobby to business isn’t just about creativity. It comes with responsibilities—solving others’ problems, marketing, and administration. A business shifts the focus from “me” to “them” – your clients, customers, and audience.

If you’re not ready to prioritise their needs over yours, it might not be the right time for that business venture. Understanding this transition is crucial.

The business stage: Embracing change

You’ve moved from the hobby stage to the business stage. Now, it’s about catering to your audience’s needs. Less about what you want to create, and more about what they want or need.

Making time for your passion

While business requires attention to your audience, don’t neglect your passion. Allocate time in your week to be creative. It’s the heart of your business, after all. Continuing to do what you love fuels your drive.

Setting clear boundaries for success

Avoid being at your audience’s beck and call by setting boundaries from the start. Define your offerings, work hours, and stick to them. Respect for your time will follow suit.

Conclusion: Loving your business journey

Love what you do in your small business, but understand the shift from hobby to business. If focusing on your audience doesn’t align with your goals, embrace the joy of being wildly creative in your hobby. There’s no shame in that, especially if it brings you happiness.

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